Reverse Osmosis System
Mintech FRP Tank With
Multiport Valve &      Accessories
Reverse Osmosis      Membrane
UV & Ozone Generator
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Water Filter Cartridge
Filter & RO Membrance      Housing
Laboratory Water      Purification with EDI
Battery Water Purification      System
Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle      Washing, Rinsing, Filling &      Capping Machine
Household Reverse      Osmosis System
Sewage/Effluent/Waste      Water Treatment
Central Water Treatment
Arsenic Water Treatment


We are engaged in the Manufacturing and supplying of highly advanced Ultraviolet (UV) Water and Air Sterilizer System in the market. The Ultraviolet (UV) Water Sterilizer System offered by us is used for the efficient Purification of Drinking Water Treatment Process, Industrial Water Treatment Process, Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plant, Pure Drinking Water Facilities for Garments Industries in Bangladesh or Pure Drinking Water Facilities for Garments factory Workers in Bangladesh, Hemodialysis Water Treatment Process. The system helps in cleaning water from disease-causing microorganisms without actually affecting the vital minerals in the water. Fitted with ultra violet sensor it destroys impurities quickly. We are one of the major Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer Systems Manufacturers and Water Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer Systems exporters in Bangladesh, Ultraviolet Sterilizer Water Treatment Flow Capacity: 2GPM, 4GPM, 6GPM, 12GPM, 24GPM, 36GPM, 48GPM, 60GPM, 72GPM, 84GPM – 900 GPM UV Systems


Body : SS 304
Power : Voltage: 220V Frequency: 50 Hz
Lamp Specification
Lamp watt: TUV/30W/55W
Lamp Length: 33/36 inch
Lamp Temperature: 400C
Radiation output watt@254-280nm: 10W

Lamp Origin
Made in Holland/China

UV for swimming pools
UV for dinking water purification
UV for ultra pure waterUV for warm water
UV for fish farms, ponds and aquariums
Beverage UV System
UV for municipal wastewater
UV for Dialysis

Ozone Mixing Tower

Ozone Generator with Mixing Tank

Ozone Generator

UV Lamp

Ozone Generator


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